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Floating Solar Panels

Explore New Financing Options to Power Your Future with Solar Energy

As a leader in your community helping to reduce the carbon footprint and reducing your energy costs is the right thing to do

Solar provides that catalyst to reduce the carbon footprint all the while potentially reducing (if not probably) reducing your entity’s energy costs.

With a 30% investment tax credit in the form of a direct payment (payment made directly to your organization by IRS) based on allowable project costs, solar is more affordable than you might expect   This payment is being made even though your organization is a not for profit and doesn’t pay federal income taxes.

By owning the system vs being at the mercy of the utility company you have predictably of costs now and in the future. We all know how inflation has affected our utility costs over the last several years and will continue indefinitely

Our financing program allows for 100% financing of the project with exceptional interest rates and you can either keep the 30% investment tax credit or apply it to the loan.

As rural America knows all too well, energy is expensive. Unfortunately, replacing or upgrading ineffcient equipment is expensive, too. That’s one reason the USDA enacted the Rural Energy for America and Community Facilities Loan Programs. Through the USDA’s programs, you can own your power source rather than renting from the grid indenitely. This special financing applies to Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Anaerobic Digesters, Wastewater Treatment Facilities, and more. It can also apply to energy eciency upgrades on existing buildings.

Embrace a Greener Future While Unlocking the Financial Rewards of Solar Energy

Interested but don’t know where to start? Who will build your system, how much will it cost or how long will it take? We can refer you to one of the best solar installation companies that can walk you through the entire process. 

Want to get started?  Call us today.

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