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Sale leaseback transactions are arrangements in which a company sells an asset to a purchaser and then leases that same asset from the purchaser.

Sale leasebacks are a popular financing option for commercial building owners to finance a remodeling project or an expansion. The lease payments and terms are drafted simultaneously with the sale. They are most often used in commercial real estate for medical office buildings, hotels, auto dealerships and other large, single-tenant commercial assets.

Bottom line, the sale leaseback improves cash flow for the seller. A sale leaseback transaction lets you unlock access to 100% of the real value of your asset.

  • Alternative option to finance 100% of real estate value.

  • Deduct lease payments as business expense.

  • Long term lease agreement locking in expenses.

  • Turns liquid equity into deployable capital.

  • Continue to occupy the property.

  • Enables business expansion.

  • Free up balance sheet capital invested in real estate asset.

  • Potential to eliminate personal liability (our sale leaseback products are non-recourse).

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